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Philanthropy, when combined with strong partnerships, works magic
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We advocate for Foundations and Non-profits to build trust-based partnerships that deliver change

We answer your Burning Questions 


At PhilanthroPower, we envision a world where the collective power of foundations and non-profits transforms challenges into opportunities, where partnerships become the cornerstone of sustainable change, and where shared aspirations lead to amplified impact.

Our mission is to enable foundations and non-profits to cultivate long-term partnerships of trust, close communication, and drive tangible action so that together they can solve world pressing problems.


  • How can we do better philanthropy?

  • How can we position ourselves as a competent yet accessible partner to NGOs?

  • How do we best onboard and collaborate with partners?

  • How can we grow with our NGO partners?

Social businesses

  • How do we partner with foundations and trusts?

  • How do we stop living from project to project?

  • Which foundation is the best partner for us?

  • Does our case of support make sense?



Claudia Strobitzer, Project Management for Cultural Fundraising and Sponsoring

Fundraising Association Austria / Austrian Fundraising Association

“I met Joy at our 2023 cultural fundraising conference and was immediately impressed by her great expertise and her unconventional, lively and interactive way of imparting knowledge. Joy knows how to captivate the participants of her training courses from the very first minute. I am very much looking forward to further joint events with Joy, with the safe knowledge that at the end of the day I will leave enthusiasm and inspiration with the participants."
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