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Supporting NGOs

Many NGOs believe that sending hundreds of grant applications is the best approach to securing funding.

From experience, we learned that those NGOs who survive are those who invest time and energy in building long-term relationships of understanding with their partners.

The key to successful partnerships is to look past, way past, the current funding period, and stop thinking on a project basis.


NGOs benefit from having a long-term vision, building long-term relationships with their funding partners and becoming much more selective and efficient in the grant application process. 


We will review your pain points and work together to address them. We can:


  • Guide you on how to build long-term partnerships of trust with foundations and trusts 

  • Evaluate your relationships with your existing funders

  • Supplement your network to amplify your chances to create partnerships

  • Test new partnering approaches with potential funders


Because learning and thriving is a process, we will stay with you, and your Board Members and we will support you with troubleshooting sessions.

Ultimately, our goal is to enable NGOs to forge trust-based partnerships with foundations that contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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