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A client once told me that she loves to watch me do my magic. I laughed. The magic isn't pure magic. It comes when you have years of experience, a methodical approach, and a sixth sense about what needs to be done to create results. Would love to chat. Please do get in touch.

If you are in one of these roles, we can help you

  • Grant Officer of a Foundation or Trust

  • Head of a Foundation or Trust

  • Strategic thinker of a Foundation or an NGO

  • Leader of an NGO 

  • Board Member of an NGO

  • Resource Mobiliser or Program Manager of an NGO

  • Training institution

  • Social Business


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Heartfelt thank you

Joy would like to extend heartfelt thank yous to every special person (you know who you are!) who helped her start her new journey. 


Special acknowledgement to:

My family, Dr Karin Krobath (Branding guru,, Susan Scott-Parker OBE, Dr André Walser, Silvia Bastante de Unverhau, Jim Riordan, Johanna Mang, Giving Women, Roman Sklotskiy, Dr Katia Vlachos, Amel Derragui, Milena Krobath (Photographer), Lisa Ringhofer, Silvia Weninger.

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