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What is special about PhilanthroPower?

PhilanthroPower capitalises on over 20 years of exposure to the mindset of non-profits, philanthropic organizations and corporations.

About Joy Morozov

I am Joy Morozov, the founder of PhilanthroPower.  I am a multicultural and multilingual (English, French, Arabic, Italian, German) expert with over 20 years of experience who has generated growth and transformation for international organisations including, The Economist Group and Light for the World


My most recent position was as Chief Collaboration Officer at EnableMe Foundation, a Swiss grant-making foundation that is also supported by donors.


I studied at Sorbonne in Paris and graduated with a BSc in Management & Systems from City University of London. My career has taken me to London, Zurich, Geneva and Vienna where I currently reside.


In April 2023, I decided to leverage all of my knowledge and expertise and establish my own company – PhilanthroPower. With a core objective to enable NGOs and Foundations to do their best with their resources, my work focuses on guiding and enabling them to think long term and build partnerships which solve world pressing problems.


I am a problem-solver and a strategist who will take off weight of your shoulders so that you can focus on making valuable change.

Interested to talk? Just drop me a line 

I collaborate
with a number of peers including:

Roman Sklotskiy

Roman Sklotskiy (Master in Economics, MSc in International Development) is a multilingual (English, Russian, German) professional in philanthropy development, program management, research and organizational development with 15+ years of experience in Russia as well as in/with Armenia, Germany, Belgium, India, Brazil.

His professional mission is to strengthen the role of philanthropy to effectively address pressing issues of global importance.

"I believe it's crucial for foundations and corporations to engage closely with the organizations they support and gain a profound understanding of their realities if we truly want to effectively address societal challenges. By actively seeking insights from foundations, corporations, and their funding partners, we can develop more effective strategies that align with the on-the-ground needs and challenges faced by these organizations.  Drawing from my joint experience with Joy in the private, non-profit, and NGO sectors, we are well-equipped to gather and translate these insights. This will enable foundations and corporations that engage in corporate social responsibility, and their funding partners to become stronger and achieve sustainable change by fostering more open lines of communication which lead to long-term partnerships of trust."

Alice Schmidt_Sustainability Author.jpeg

Alice Schmidt

Mag. Alice Schmidt, MSc is a global sustainability advisor and business consultant who has spent 25+ years engaging at the intersection of social, environmental and economic affairs. She specializes in strategy development, leadership training, impact measurement and public speaking on all aspects of sustainable development. 


Alice has worked in 30 countries on 4 continents for 70+ organisations, including UN agencies, the European Commission, the African Union, the World Bank, many NGOs, foundations and small social enterprises as well as large multinationals across industries.  Besides running a sustainability consultancy firm ( and acting as board or jury member for several sustainability institutions (Circular Economy Forum Austria, New European Bauhaus, Vitalpin Klimainvest, Green Marketing Award, Digital Humanism Council, endeva e.V., etc.), Alice has been teaching “Sustainable Business and Management for Tomorrow” at Vienna University for Economics and Business since 2012. She has two Master’s degrees that link business with international development (University of London; Vienna University of Economics and Business).


Alice regularly publishes about social and environmental sustainability issues, including her book ‘The Sustainability Puzzle: How Systems Thinking, Circularity, Climate Action and Social Transformation Can Improve Health, Wealth and Wellbeing for All’ ( which she co-authored with Claudia Winkler. Most recently she co-authored ‘Fast Forward’, a book that discusses the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence for societal progress and a sustainable transformation.

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