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Love in the time of Cholera and Trust in the time of AI

Are we living in the modern equivalent of finding love during cholera and seeking trust in the era of AI? How is AI reshaping the dynamics of trust in the philanthropic sector? How do we preserve the foundation of trust in our interactions?

With philanthropy poised for linear and not exponential growth in 2024, I see that the critical role of trust in partnerships might take on new significance in the era of AI.

Reflecting on the Evolution of Philanthropy: A Personal Journey

Looking back to a time before the AI surge, I recall spending endless hours crafting grant applications, personalizing my approaches to prospective partners, composing heartfelt thank-you notes, and developing robust cases of support just so that I could capture the hearts and minds of funding partners. These activities were not just tasks; they were the essence of my commitment to building enduring, trust-based partnerships with foundations and trusts.

With the advent of AI tools like ChatGPT, the potential to optimize workflows and speed up work within nonprofits and philanthropic organizations is immense. However, as we navigate these technological advances, we need to be vigilant about associated challenges, including data privacy issues and the threat of algorithmic bias. I firmly believe that while the advantages of AI are substantial, they should not overshadow the fundamental importance of ethical practices and the bedrock of trust.

Moreover, it is crucial to acknowledge that AI, for all its capabilities, cannot replace the precious human connections that form the essence of philanthropic partnerships. Finding the right balance between AI's potential and the irreplaceable value of our humanity and empathy is crucial for me as we navigate how to best harness technology in a way that genuinely supports our missions.

What are your thoughts?

Keep an eye out for details on an upcoming webinar where I will examine this topic and look at approaches to bolster trust in the age of AI.


The blog was inspired by a trend drawn from: "The seven new trends shaping philanthropy in 2024":

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